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Read Performance during Replication on Slave

Hi everybody,

iÂm maintaining a openldap-infrastructure with 1 master and 7 slaves
(slurpd-replication). The bdb-database have about 1 million entrys (2
GB). Every morning we make a "provisioning" with new or deleted entrys
(a perl skript, that adds one entry after the other).
This takes about 3-5 hours (2000-5000 entrys) of replication. During
this time, the read-operations on the slaves are very bad, so that our
radius-servers have timeouts and users cannot authenticate.

Is it possible to make a priority for read-operations? Or to configure a
priority for special IP-adresses? Or have 2 slapd-instances, one for
writing and one for reading?


Axel Urban
Germany, Hamburg