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OpenLDAP, Mac OS X

Hi everyone.

I am wanting to push accounts into Apple's "Open Directory" (which uses OpenLDAP).

My modest first step is to add a single user account using ldapadd or ldapmodify in conjunction with a simple ldif file.

Easy you might think, but after two weeks of reading documentation (openldap.org, apple.com, googling, several lists) and trying to make sense of things, I still haven't been able to get as far as a sucessfull ldapsearch, let alone an ldapadd or ldapmodify :-(

My search prompts as expected for the diradmin password, but then reports ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49).

ldapsearch -x -b "dc=testserver,dc=otago,dc=ac,dc=nz" -W -D "cn=diradmin,dc=testserver,dc=otago,dc=ac,dc=nz" "(objectclass=*)"

I *think* I've gotten this right. If anyone here has already managed to do what I am trying to do, I would really appreciate knowing where I am going wrong.


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