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Simple Authentication Mechanism



I have slapd running with ssl. I am trying to authenticate against it
through java application. My java application passes following
parameters to LDAP server


user : cn=Manager,dc=wallst.dev.micromuse,dc=com

password : secret

host : shark

port : 6560

security protocol : ssl

Authentication Mechanism : none/anonymous


My application can connect and query to my LDAP server successfully if
Authentication Mechanism is used either none or simple. It fails to
connect if Authetication Mechanism is "Simple". 


Can anybody tell me what do I need to do ? or do I need to include
anything in my slapd.conf? 


Here is ACL in my slapd.conf


#Simple ACL granting read access


access to *

access to dn="cn=Manager,dc=wallst.dev.micromuse,dc=com"

            by * read

defaultaccess search