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Re: concurrency problem

On 11.07.2005, at 18:16, Pruebas wrote:

Hi, i'm using openldap-2.0.27 in a redhat 9 box.

I have installed qmail-ldap, and it the hours of high traffic it can't get a connection to the ldap server, i wrote to the qmail- ldap list, and they toll me that it was a concurrency problem, so I rise the concurrency and the threads to 500, but i still have the same error.

I had almost the same problem year ago, running the same software. It seems that either kernel or slapd doesn't close connection at the time, so in the long run system will stop, and you have to reboot it.
I upgraded to Fedora Core 3 and slapd working fine for almost a year. Since RH9 are no longer supported, I recommend you to upgrade your distro.