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Re: concurrency problem

Pruebas wrote:
Hi, i'm using openldap-2.0.27 in a redhat 9 box.

That's your first problem. OpenLDAP 2.0 was obsoleted 3 years ago. The current stable release is 2.2.26, although 2.2.27 is in better shape. The latest available release is 2.3.4. You seriously need to upgrade, and you should probably complain to your vendor for bundling such antiques in their distros.

 I have installed qmail-ldap, and it the hours of high traffic it
 can't get a connection to the ldap server, i wrote to the qmail-ldap
 list, and they toll me that it was a concurrency problem, so I rise
 the concurrency and the threads to 500, but i still have the same

No amount of configuring will make OpenLDAP 2.0 work well in a high load environnment.

It is a bad idea to set the threads value to such a high number, regardless of the release. At a minimum each thread consumes 2MB of stack space, so thats 1GB of RAM eaten up right there. In newer releases the stack size per thread is even higher. The optimal number of threads depends on the number and type of CPUs in the system, as well as the available memory size. The default on newer OpenLDAP releases is 16; 12-16 per CPU generally works well.
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