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Question on implementing PKI.

This message can be offtopic here, but I hope you would be indulgent in
this case.
In mailing list archive i saw Kurt Zeilenga posts, and hope for his
I have read http://www.openldap.org/pub/slim/CMPaper.pdf and a lot of
other publications close to this one.
I think authors  developed really fine architecture and now I trying to
implement it.
So i have some questions for start.

Is there working implementation of it? :)

The first problem I have run into is lack of GSER encoding module in
eSNACC compiler. 
As it says in the reference document at p.7 
"In addition to the DER used for a certificate, we have implemented a
GSER backend in the extended  eSNACC compiler", but i can't find it
there. So where can i find this implementation or how can i get it?

If I'll cope with this problem (I mean PKI implementation), I'll try to
wrote more comprehensive guide (how-to) on implementing PKI. I hope it
would be helpful to all.

In any case - big thanks to authors and respectfully regards to all.