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Re: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server and LDAP

On 10.07.2005, at 1:00, Stefan Agner wrote:
I'm using a SuSE SLES Server, with OpenLDAP 2.2.6, used for user authentication. Since I changed the IP configuration and the root Password the OpenLDAP-Server doesn't save the information! I can create a new user, use it, change it, but after a reboot the user disappers. Which configuration I have to check?
It may be a problem with your db, or you just have wrong perissions. Check, that /var/lib/ldap is writable by user ldap.
Also, it may be good to run db_recover in /var/lib/ldap directory.

If all this wouldn't help, try increase your debug level(set loglevel to 1 in slapd.conf and make sure that ldap messages are directed to some log-files) and see where the problem is.