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Re: SASL library version mismatch: expected 2.1.21, got 2.1.10

Yoginee Bhagwat wrote:


I had posted message earlier about trouble finding BerkeleyDB files, but
I solved it by putting right path in lib.so.conf. Now I am getting
following error with SASL libraries. I have one older version of sasl in
my /usr/lib, the one I installed is in /usr/local/lib. I think the one
in /usr/lib is taking precedence. I updated my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to and
out /usr/local/lib/sasl2 in it so that it will take precedence. It
didn't help. What should I do so that slapd finds right version of sasl

If none of your programs are using libsasl 2.2.10 you can try moving it to some other
place and create a symlink in /usr/lib and to 2.2.21 then try running slapd again.

Sameer N. Ingole
Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.