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Re: deferring operation ?

Roderick Petetin wrote:
:-S Did you ever experiment a slapd upgrade ?

Many, many times.

 Do you know some documentation about that ? stop slapd, slapcat -
 install 2.2.27 and import the ldif file ? Could it be that simple ?

In this case, since you're only moving within the same minor version, you can just replace the old slapd with the new slapd. Assuming that you keep everything else the same, of course (mainly, keep the same BerkeleyDB version).

Thanks for your help, Roderick.

> Try upgrading to 2.2.27.

>>> Here is the full log message for a request :
>>> *Jul  4 13:50:03 annuaire slapd[19523]: conn=7554 fd=12 ACCEPT
>>> from IP= (IP= Jul  4 13:50:03
>>> annuaire slapd[19523]: conn=7552 fd=18 closed Jul  4 13:50:03
>>> annuaire slapd[19523]: connection_read(18): no connection!

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