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Re: OpenLDAP startup problems

Quanah Gibson-Mount schrieb:

found the message "bdb_db_open: dbenv_open failed: Permission denied (13)"
and following lines. What does this say?

Are you running as a user other than root? I'd guess that some files in the database area are owned by root, causing slapd not to be able to open the files like the error message states.

So it was.

It seems that I have to check the FreeBSD's slapd-startup script. Although I haven't specified any specific user for running slapd, but took the default user "DEFAULT". Hiowever, a user "ldap" is used at boot-time. By executing the script from commandline, slapd runs as "root".

But IIRC I've never propagated any user called "ldap". Hmm, strange.

BTW.: Is there any explanation why starting slapd as "ldap" takes much more time, than starting it as "root"?