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Re: slapd/slurpd sporadic replication

--On Friday, July 01, 2005 1:30 PM -0400 Brent Franks <brentfranks@gmail.com> wrote:

> I looked at the slave and it is not trying to connect.  It appears
> that the changes will *eventually* be replicated.  I guess I will just
> put up with the eventual changes, or transition to syncrepl

Then you have something wrong. Slurpd (at least for me) always replicates
changes made to the master within an average of 2 seconds.

My configuration for the Master is as follows:

I will note two things:

(1) There were fixes made to slurpd since 2.2.13. This may have something to do with the issues you are seeing (or may not).

(2) The preferred backend for OpenLDAP is bdb (I see you are using ldbm). There are a number of excellent reasons to use bdb rather than ldbm, see:

I realize #2 has nothing to do with the issues you are seeing, but it is something to pay attention to if you are wanting to deploy a directory service.


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