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Replication problems

In my slapd.conf I have the following replication directive

replogfile /var/lib/ldap/openldap-master-replog
replica uri=ldap://bdc.bluechiptechnology.co.uk:389
bindmethod=simple credentials=XXXXXXXXX

I know it is not good to use the root dn and I know that later I will have
to go to TLS but here and now I just want to get replication working

When I start slurpd I get the following error

Error: Malformed "replica" line in slapd config file, line 102
Warning: failed to add replica "bdc.bluechiptechnology.co.uk:389 - ignoring

For the life of me I can noe see what is wrong with my replica uri

slapd - V gives

@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.2.13 (Aug 19 2004 21:22:15) $

Machine is FC 3 Open LDAP is latest RPMfor distro.

Thanks for any pointers in advance Rob