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RE: One small question

Hi all, thanks all for the answers, I have solved the problem yet. The
problem was the sing minus in the syslog.conf, when I had put the sing
minus in the:

local4.*                    -/var/log/openldap.log 

it`s all OK. 

Thanks again. 

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Ivan.Garcia@leroymerlin.es wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I am a small question and i´d like to know if you could resolve me it.
> I have a ldap running in one machine and I have been it configured with
> loglevel par default, ok, when I try to access to ldap I have a time
> to access to this. I have been trying and when I put in the slapd.conf
> directive "loglevel 0"  the ldap running very very fast and the access
> this, is more fast. Too I have tried to change the value loglevel to
> "loglevel 8 ...." and the problem persist. 
> How can I fix this problem?, because i´d like to have logs but I don?t
> want that the ldap go slow. 
> Any idea? 
> Best Regards 
> Frost. 
What does your syslog.conf look like?

Try adding a - to the logfile in syslog.conf

local4.debug                    -/var/log/slapd

 You  may  prefix  each  entry with the minus ``-'' sign to
       omit syncing the file after every logging.  Note that  you
       might  lose information if the system crashes right behind
       a write attempt.  Nevertheless this might  give  you  back
       some  performance, especially if you run programs that use
       logging in a very verbose manner.