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Re: One small question


Ivan.Garcia@leroymerlin.es writes:

> Hi all, 
> I am a small question and i´d like to know if you could resolve me it.
> I have a ldap running in one machine and I have been it configured with
> loglevel par default, ok, when I try to access to ldap I have a time delay
> to access to this. I have been trying and when I put in the slapd.conf the
> directive "loglevel 0"  the ldap running very very fast and the access to
> this, is more fast. Too I have tried to change the value loglevel to
> "loglevel 8 ...." and the problem persist. 
> How can I fix this problem?, because i´d like to have logs but I don?t
> want that the ldap go slow. 

You don't say anything about openldap version, nor about database
backend, but generally spoken, reducing reads from disk by increasing
cachsize will solve most timing problems. Reading man slapd.conf(5)
/loglevel will point you to appropriate levels.


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