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Re: Comparing slapcat output

> My OpenLDAP 2.2.23 is rather quiescent at about 02:00 AM so
> I do a `slapcat' on each slave to check whether the output
> is identical to that of the master in order to check consistency.
>  I notice that entries which have been modified by Heimdal Kerberos
> over slapi differ for the modifiersName and creatorsName attribute
> types:

^^ this seems to be naively computed without using slapd's DN
normalization routines; see below.


^^^ this has been normalized by slapd's DN normalization routines, which
implies using the attributeType's names as defined in the schema (note
some uppercase chars in the attribute types, and the AVAs have been sorted
based on lexicographical order of attribute types first, then of values,
so gidNumber comes before uidNumber9


Pierangelo Masarati

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