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Re: openldap23 w/ bdb43 entryCSN eq index prob

I haven't seen this problem at all. Of course, I'm using BDB 4.2 now.

Dusty Doris wrote:
I am having problems indexing entryCSN.  It appears whenever I shutdown
slapd and then restart it, my bdb database is getting corrupt.  I am
running freebsd 5.4 with openldap 2.3.4 and bdb 4.3.28.  This happens with
both bdb and hdb backends, I haven't tried any others.

Here is what happens.

First, I turn up slapd and do an import of 4 entries (keeping it small for
testing). Then I shutdown slapd (using the startup script). When I
restart slapd, it shows that slapd is started in the logs, however, the
process isn't actually running. Then when I try to start again I get bdb
errors in the logfile. A db_recover isn't enough to fix the db.
In OpenLDAP 2.3, the db_recover step is run automatically as needed, when slapd starts. You should not be running it manually.

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