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Re: Failover Master setup

Use Veritas to float an IP and mount.
It will just move the whole app to a different server on failure.

If you want protection against data-inconsistancy/corruption on an
active-active multi-master setup, then I would be interested to see
how other LDAP's implement ACID-ity.  :)

On 6/23/05, Digant C Kasundra <digant@uta.edu> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> A month or two down the line, we are hoping to have our PeopleSoft
> Student Information System write directly to our LDAP directory.  As
> such, the question of "why are we using OpenLDAP if it can't do
> multi-master" is cropping up from my superiors.  As OpenLDAP does not
> support multi-master (for good reason, I think), I was wanting to try to
> figure out a way to setup a failover master and was wondering if anyone
> has done work in this area?
> As it would work in my head, M1 would replicate to M2 and all the
> slaves.  A heartbeat on M2 would monitory to make sure M1 was active.
> If M1 goes down, M2 would rewrite its config to replicate to M1 and the
> slaves and would take over as the master server.
> Anyone given thought to this sort of setup?  I've never had my master
> server fail but I need to appease the naysayers. :)
> -- DK