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Re: generating un-stripped libraries...

Are the libraries stripping, or the binaries? I don't think I've seen an
issue with the libraries stripping. The binaries, on the other hand, do
install -s if you 'make install'. One can get around this:


As others have pointed out, honoring the STRIP variable in 2.3 is a
welcome addition. For that matter, I'm going to include the boilerplate
recommendation that if you're taking the trouble to recompile and start up
gdb, you might as well try 2.2.27 while you're at it. Good luck...

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Francis Swasey wrote:

> Anyone got a trick to convince the openldap 2.2.26 Makefiles not to
> strip the libraries?
> I'm trying to track a segfault failure in slurpd that appears to be
> happening in the libraries (based on the messages in the output)... but
> gdb is unable to give me any real help (the bt is just addresses)...
> Any help appreciated.
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