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Re: replication trouble

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Scott Mayo wrote:

I am still trying to find out how to replicate my data. I am very, very new to LDAP and not sure if I am doing this right or not. I did manage to get my main ldap/samba server set up and it seems to be running. I am trying to get it to replicate to my slave/BDC server now, but cannot get it going. If I comment out the UPDATEREF line in the slaves slapd.conf file then I can start up ldap 'service ldap start' otherwise, if I leave it in, then it Fails to start.

Instead of using 'service ldap start', try starting slapd and slurpd from the command line with an appropriate debugging level. Using -1 will give you the maximum debugging output. Using 64 will just show config file processing. See ldap.h or the admin guide for more options.

Have you tried running slaptest against your slapd.conf files?

Here are my config files. My main LDAP server is bes-serve ( and the slave will be bms-serve ( I have not really setup any security or anything yet, since this is just a test to see if I can get it up and going.


updatedn "cn=replica, dc=bms-serve, dc=bloomfield.k12.mo.us"

I frankly don't recall whether spaces separating dn tokens like the above are ignored by slapd, but you might try taking them out.

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