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Re: password convert

At 01:45 AM 6/21/2005, Rama Krishna wrote:
>we are using all users passwords encrypted as crypt format in our ldap
>database.now we are planing all passwords converted into MD5 format.
>so anybody tell me what is procedure.

If using ldappasswd(1) and other programs which use the LDAP
Password Modify extended operation, you can simply set slapd(8)
password format to {MD5} and have your uses change their password.
There new password will be in the new format.  See slapd.conf(5)
for details.

If you are using clients which use LDAP modify to change
userPassword values, you'll need to consult their documentation
on how to have them use {MD5} before having your users change
their passwords.

If you are looking for a procedure for converting a {crypt}
value to a {MD5} value, you'll need to use a password cracker
as the actual passwords are protected by a one-way hash function.