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Re: bdb error messages

On Mar 14 juin 2005 17:28, Aaron Richton a écrit :
>> I get this when I do many modify (about 150/s).
>> Is it normal or should I fill an ITS ?
>> Moreother I had a segfault once. Can it be related ?
> If you didn't run db_recover after having a segfault, it could be very
> related. Shutdown slapd and run db_recover for each of those bdb/hdb
> suffixes.

I did. In fact I had the segfault after these messages.

> If you have a reproducable crash and enough information to debug with
> (unstripped binary, gdb backtrace, etc.) ITS may be in order, but since
> there are bdb bugs fixed in 2.2.27, you might want to try an upgrade
> first.

I can't reproduce it for the moment.
I'll test with 2.2.27 but the changes don't seem to be related...

Raphael Ouazana.