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use of JLDAP's LDAPConnection

Is there any way to determine if an LDAPConnection (or its underlying
socket) has gone bad? If my LDAP server (Tivoli) cycles after I've called
LDAPConnection.connect() and LDAPConnection.bind(), LDAPConnection.search()
returns a LDAPSearchResults object with getCount() equal to 0, even when I
know it should be 1.


1. I call LDAPConnection.connect() and bind()
2. LDAP server goes down and comes back up (invalidating any connections)
3. I call LDAPConnection.search(), and it returns LDAPSearchResults with
getCount() == 0

If #2 never happens (i.e., server stays up), LDAPConnection.search() returns
LDAPSearchResults with getCount() == 1 for the same query.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Eric Jung