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Question about writing custom backends for openldap

Browsing the source code for various backends for openldap, I see that
most of the backends define a type of global structure that they use to
store things like the database handle (for sql) etc.  This is usually
stored in the private field of the BackendDB structure (if I recall
correctly).  My question is a question of scope: 

1. where is the correct place to store global information and 
2. what should be used to store information across just one connection
or session?

For example, when a bind event occurs that is deemed successful by
backend's handler, where can I store information about that bind that
will only persist across that connection.  Subsequent calls to search,
for example, need to know that the user is properly authenticated.  In
the perl and shell backends I can only see where a global information
structure is used.

Finally, is it up to the backend to enforce ACLs or does OpenLDAP
enforce the ACLS above backend somehow?



Michael Torrie <torriem@chem.byu.edu>