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Re: SASL and mail attribute help

Al Pacifico writes:
> I wish to authenticate using SASL DIGEST-MD5 against the mail and
> userPassword attributes.
> The examples at OpenLDAP show use of the uid attribute, which is not present
> for all entries in my directory. I'm not sure how to map to the correct
> authentication request DN.

The "username" from SASL is a SASL identity, not an LDAP attribute.
OpenLDAP puts it UID in the bind DN, but you can use sasl-regexp to
change that.

See 'man slapd.conf' - I think this should do it, though I have not

sasl-regexp UID=([^,]*),cn=your-realm,CN=DIGEST-MD5,CN=auth

Replace the realm, search base DN, scope and filter with whatever is

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