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Re: how to ssl only, not tls?

"Well, as TLS and SSL refer to the same data security technology" 
you mean TLS=SSL?

but in the ldap client readme that I say it's not support tls:
'Protocol' -- Select whether to use standard LDAP, LDAP over SSL or
       LDAP over IPC. Please note that LDAP over SSL is *not* StartTLS, which 
       uses the same port as unencrypted traffic. Please see the README for 
       notes on LDAP over IPC.
'Server port' -- The port the LDAP server is listening on. By default, 
       LDAP servers listen on port 389. LDAP over SSL uses port 636 by default.
       If LDAP over IPC has been selected the port will be ignored.

>From the the client developer: 
LDAPUserFolder(the client) supports LDAP over SSL (LDAPS), *not* TLS
the developer means ldap over ssl have nothing to do with tls,isn't it?

I use another one client,like lbe,can working with my certificates.

I use openldap-sasl-server2.2.26, openssl 0.9.7g,freebsd5