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Re: berkeleydb logfiles

Jonathan Higgins wrote:


unfortunately drive space on a few of my openldap implementations is
becoming an issue. I rarely mess with my implementation because it
performs very well. Thanks Howard and Symas.

You're welcome ;)  After all, making OpenLDAP work is what we do...

in my DB_CONFIG, i have set_lg_dir /usr/local/var/openldap-data/logs
In that log directory if I run a du -h, its around 6 gigs worth of log

I want to clean up these log files.  I have several replicas, and could
roll downtime between the systems.

I am assuming the process will be to shutdown slapd, slapcat the data,
ace(delete) the openldap-data files + logs, and then slapadd, then start
slapd back up.

A fairly involved process, plus possible replication issues.  Just want
to confirm this process, or findout if there is a better way.

The correct procedure is much simpler than this and fully documented in the Sleepycat Berkeley DB documentation. You can find pointers in the OpenLDAP FAQ-o-Matic "Maintenance" section


which will give an overview along with references to the actual Sleepycat manual pages.

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