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how does slurpd resolve hostnames?

I use nsswitch (w/ nscd) to do user, group, and hostname lookups via
LDAP. This works just fine for the most part. Now, I've got two slave
servers (chesterton and calvin) and a master (augustine), for
replication. Those hostnames (and others) are accessible via LDAP (using
nsswitch.conf: "files ldap dns"). This works correctly w/ ldapsearch and
others, ie, "ldapsearch -x chesterton". However, when I try to add an
entry to the master, slurpd just hangs and never replicates; there's no
network traffic, either. 

I can solve this by putting chesterton and calvin into /etc/hosts on
augustine, and everything works fine. So, it looks like slurpd won't
access LDAP for hostnames, even though everything else will. Is this
expected, or is something broken? Thanks.