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Re: server restart - lost data?

Shashank Agrawal wrote:
i have couple of db_recover commands on my system.


For FC3, the first one (/usr/bin/db_recover), should be the correct one. Using the version (-V) option should tell you it's part of BDB 4.2.52. I don't know what those others are.

If you start investing more time with OpenLDAP, one thing to maybe consider is building BDB, SASL, OpenSSL, and OpenLDAP from source distributions so you have more control and insight.

I don't know which one to use. I used first one and got error. then i tried
all others and got errors too. i did not use with -v option. Also i don't
remember the errors.

You should post the error messages if you want good odds of getting assistance. The -v option will give more such information (next time). You may also want to check what you get against BDB documentation, as there is a possiblity it's not an OpenLDAP issue at all. Good luck.

Jon Roberts