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Re: server restart - lost data?

Shashank Agrawal wrote:
after i posted my first message to this list, i ran db_recover in the ldap
data directory and it looked like it wiped out the whole database. so i have
to go back and recover the database from backup.

Yikes. I haven't had that happen. What exactly do you mean by "wiped out the whole database"? Did the .bdb data files disappear? Did you get an error response code from db_recover? Did you try db_recover in verbose mode (-v)? What was the behavior of slapd afterwards?

But still i am wondering how can i recover those 200 some entires that were
added in ldap, which were not written to the db, and which were lost after
server crash. I can manually add them again if recover is not possible, but
how would i prevent such thing from happening again.

Same as I said before. If db_recover failed you, I would imagine your db was otherwise corrupted first. I really don't know, though.

A good safeguard is to slapcat the db out to a backup file periodically. With your version of OpenLDAP, you can do that without shutting slapd down.

thank you so much.

Sorry I couldn't help more.

Jon Roberts