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Re: schemacheck and structuralObjectClass

At 08:24 AM 5/18/2005, Ben Beuchler wrote:
>For some reason, the operational attribute "structuralObjectClass" is
>not automatically created if an entry is added when "schemacheck" is
>off.  This, of course, results in any attempt to modify an entry
>created before I turned on "schemacheck" to dump out the "No
>structuralObjectClass operational attribute" error.
>Is that expected behavior?

The schemacheck directive is undocumented (at least in all
current versions of OpenLDAP Software) for good reason,
it simply should never be used.  The directive has been
removed from HEAD sources, and soon will be removed from
2.3 (and likely 2.2) sources.

>If I'm creating accounts with
>"schemacheck" turned off, should I be manually adding the
>"structuralObjectClass" entry?

You should remove the schemacheck directive from slapd.conf(5)
and then rebuild.