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Multiple suffixes per server

I don't think that is possible with OpenLDAP, but I'm willing to be 
convinced otherwise; I've also been told that this called 
"multi-mastering", but I know that that's the wrong term.

Let's say that BigCorp.com (dc=BigCorp,dc=com) has just been taken over by 
Cobber.com.au (dc=Cobber,dc=com,dc=au).  As is the wont of ways like this, 
both need to retain their corporate identities despite the hierarchy, with 
the possibility of having the directory available to the public.

In other words, I need to serve "dc=BigCorp,dc=com" and 
"dc=Cobber,dc=com,dc=au" side by side, on the one server.  I can do it 
with separate servers, but there is the need to inform client programs 
just which server to use (DNS LDAP discovery and 2.3/HEAD?).  I can also 
run several SLAPD instances on the one server, but again there is the 
problem of informing the client (which could be Joe Q. Public).

So, it is possible to run non-overlapping suffixes on one server?

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