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Re: ldapsearch by uid and mailAlternateAddress - is this indexing problem?

Petri Laakso writes:
> I've have a problem with slapd/ldapsearch.
> First time I try to search only with uid as filter which
> did not return any results, but then with the second search,
> mailAlternateAddress as filter i've get expected response

If you did not regenerate the indexes after you inserted "index uid eq"
in slapd.conf, then already existing uid values never got indexed.

After you edit index statements in slapd.conf, you must stop slapd and
run slapindex (see man slapindex).  Or if you do not want slapd to be
down for that long, backup the database and run slapindex on the backup,
then restore.

> Could this be cause of corrupted uid index?

Or a corrupted database, yes.

Or an access statement in your /etc/ldap/slapd.access.conf file which
prevents uid searches.

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