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Re: LDAP Won't start

At 10:47 AM 5/5/2005, Pilot wrote:
>Hi, I need to install ldap for a project for my school, and after all the installation process, executing the following command fails to start  slapd :
># /etc/init.d/ldap start
>Vérification des fichiers de configuration pour  :config file testing succeeded
>Démarrage de slapd :                                       [ÉCHOUÉ]

These messages are not from any part of OpenLDAP Software,
hence are useless in determining why slapd(8) did not
start (assuming that what the script you are running does).

I suggest you run slapd(8) manually, preferably with some
logging enabled, so that you can obtain some feedback from
slapd(8) as to why it is not starting.

If further list help is needed, I note that you might
provide some basic information about the version of
OpenLDAP Software you are using, how it was built,
and the system you are running it on.