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Accesing LDAP with a user

Hi! I´m new to openldap. I´m using OpenLDAP 2.2.24. I would like access to
my LDAP with just a user different to root. So i wrote in slapd.conf this:

access to * by dn="cn=ldapclient,o=toyo,c=sp" read
            by * none
(i just wanna access with this user, and root of course)

The next step was add this user to my LDAP. This object was a person class
(with his own password). Once did that, i restarted my LDAP.

So, when i try to access there (using a LDAP client called JXPLORER),
always appears a InvalidCredentials Exception, and when i try using

ldapsearch -D "cn=ldapclient,o=toyo,c=sp" -x -W "cn=*"

it always appears "Invalid credentials" message

What am i doing wrong? i read something about credentials in ldap that says
when it´s using 'access' instructions, access gives privileges to entities,
not objects, but i don´t understand it good because my english is poor

Thanks in advance. Alvaro


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