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OpenLDAP won't start

I have a problem with OpenLDAP (2.2.23) on Debian - it won't start, and
I dont seem to get any understandable error :-/ It worked fine until a
couple of days ago. It's in a replication chain, so I suspect that it
recieved som kind of malformed entry from its master.

Just starting it with 

   #/etc/init.d/slapd start

Starts the process, but it just goes to 99.9% cpu usage and stays there,
and nothing else happens. I tried waiting to see if it just spend a lot
of time initializing the dbd, but after it ran unchanged for over an
hour i stopped it.

Running slapd in debug mode:

   #slapd -d 1

Shows me that the schemas are loaded properly, and the debug output
stops with this:

------------ begin
slapd startup: initiated.
backend_statup: starting "o=Ofir"
bdb_db_open: dbenv_open(/var/lib/ldap)

------------ end

And after that - nothing but 99.9% load

   #lsof -i tcp:ldap

Shows nothing, and thereby reveals that there is no listening ldap

Is there anyway to make an external check of the bdb? A consistancy
Can I make slapd tell me what entry makes it stop?

Help and advice needed :-/


	Casper Angelo
	OFiR a-s