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Re: telephoneNumber

Hello Jan-Piet,
you wrote:
 > Slapd's telephoneNumberNormalize() routine only strips out ASCII
space and
> hypens (-). Is that by design?

I think, it is.

> I'd like to be able to search for a number in the directory (e.g.
> +49 123 456789) by specifying "telephoneNumber=49123456789".

If you want this, you are thinking something wrong.

49123456789 and
+49 123 456789
are _different_ phone numbers.

the +49 123 456789 is a number with international dialing code 49 for
germany, then the number 123456789
49123456789 is the local number.

There is no specification about how long one single phone number can be,
so assuming a number with more than e.g. 9 digits as number with leading
international dialing code is wrong.

Kind Regards,
Ingo Schaefer

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