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Re: ldapi:/// syntax not working

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get heimdal working with openldap as backend and run into
> some issues with slapi:/// connections.
> As the tutorial from PADL suggests one should start the server like:
> slapd -h "ldapi:/// ldap:///"; but:
> /usr/lib/openldap/slapd -d -1 -h "ldapi:/// ldap:///";
> daemon_init: ldapi:/// ldap:///
> daemon_init: listen on ldapi:///
> daemon_init: listen on ldap:///
> daemon_init: 2 listeners to open...
> ldap_url_parse_ext(ldapi:///)
> daemon: bind(6) failed errno=2 (No such file or directory)
> slap_open_listener: failed on ldapi:///
> slapd stopped.
> connections_destroy: nothing to destroy

ldapi:/// defaults to LDAP_RUNDIR/run/ldapi, where LDAP_RUNDIR is whatever
you configured OpenLDAP with (by default, /usr/local/var).  The path to
ldapi must exist, and the user that's running slapd must have permissions
to create the socket.


> Using "slapd -h ldapi://%2fpath%2fto%2fsocket" everything works as
> expected

so ldapi:// works as expected.

> but thats not an option since the ldapi:/// syntax is hardcoded
> in hdb-ldap.c in heimdal and it always returns "cannot find ldap server"
> when I try to init the realm with kadmin.

I suggest you ask the developers of hdb-ldap.c and heimdal to allow to
configure the name of the socket it uses.

> Unfortunately I was not able to figure out how the ldapi:/// syntax
> translates into a usable socket. Google, the Admin Guide and the
> Faq-O-matic yielded no results.

"strace" may help.

> This is openldap 2.2.24 on linux 2.6 and bdb-4.2 with patches.


Pierangelo Masarati

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