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Replication Problem

For some reason I can't seem to get my Master/Slave Ldap servers to
replicate.  The Master is and the slave is

Here's the section from the Master:
replogfile      /var/lib/openldap-slurp/replica.log
replica-pidfile /var/lib/openldap-slurp/slurp.pid

replica         uri=ldaps://
                bindmethod=simple credentials=secret"

And the slave:

updatedn        "cn=Manager,dc=strozllc,dc=com"
updateref       ldaps://

>From the slave I can do:
ldapsearch -d 9 -Z -H ldaps://

and from the master I can do:
ldapsearch -d 9 -Z -H ldaps://

Both commands run and return the full results without error.  slurpd is
running on the Master.  Any ideas?
David Sonenberg
Systems / Network Administrator
Stroz Friedberg, LLC
15 Maiden Lane
15th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Tel 212.981.6527
Fax 917.495.4918

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