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What are the correct values for concurrency and threads for the ldbm backend ?

Hello ,

I am using openldap 2.0.25.
The reason why I use such an old release is that until now we had no reason
to upgrade to a newer version.

For performance reasons I had to increase the parameters concurreny to 512
and threads to 384.
The ldap backend I use is ldbm. I have about 100000 entries and the
dabasesize is about  400MB.
I have a big hpux workstation with 4 processors and 4GB Ram.
I have to serve 160 read request per second (I can do that when I set
concurrency to 512 and threads to 384).

The slapd process consumes a lot of memory (more than 1GB) . I can not
understand why. The database
is only 400MB even if loaded in memory it is less than 1GB.

Does someone understand why the slapd process uses so much memory ?
Should I reduce concurrency and threads in the slapd.conf file ?

Thank you for your suggestions