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Re: Non-numeric OIDs

At 06:26 AM 4/27/2005, Michael.Smith@domino1.cuny.edu wrote:
>What is the current state of play wrt the compile flags 

This is not a compile-time flag, its a macro that
evaluates to a particular integer value at compile

>I'm particularly interested in allowing non-numeric OIDs 
>in schema definitions

I assume you don't mean NAMEs, which are short textual
strings, but malformed OIDs. 

>-- not because I think it's a good 
>idea, but because I need to import a schema originally 
>created on an iPlanet server, which uses alphanumeric 
>names for OIDs rather than dotted-decimal numbers.

I suggest you ask the schema developer which OIDs
the alphanumeric names are equivalent to so that
you can properly replace this name with the OID in
dotted-decimal form.