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Re: OpenLDAP schema

Ron Wheeler wrote:

The OpenLDAP schema element such as OpenLDAPorg and OpenLDAPperson seem to be particularly useful and well thought out and OpenLDAP seems to be the most popular Linux LDAP implementation.

However, no one seems to recommend or discuss using the OpenLDAP schema elements.
What is the downside of basing my repository on these objectclasses rather than the more commonly used objectclasses?

To the extent that you can consider them to be "vendor supplied schema", they should generally not be used in production, unless
they are only serving to integrate with other products from the same vendor. The reason for this is that it normally causes
"vendor lock-in" when you use vendor schema, since non GPL vendor supplied schema most likely can't be used if you switch
LDAP server vendors (copyright reasons).

In this case, however, the only problem that you would run into if you decided to switch "vendors" and use, e.g. Redhat Directory
Server is that the format of the schema files are slightly different and the OL schema files would need to be ported. But it's a small job.