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Despite using "-r", ldapdelete always ends with a "subtree delete not supported error"


I imported a lot of data into OpenLDAP, and when I try to delete all
this data, I am encountering 3 problems.

This is the command that I issue:
ldapdelete -v -r -H ldap://localhost:389 -P 3 -D
"cn=Manager,dc=CustomerData,dc=MyCompany,dc=com" -w password -x -c -f

,and 'delete.list' contains only one dn:

1) It seems like the deletion is going through just fine, but at the
end of the operation I always get this error:
ldap_initialize( ldap://localhost:389 )
deleting entry "dc=CustomerData,dc=MyCompany,dc=com"
deleting children of: dc=CustomerData,dc=MyCompany,dc=com
Delete Result: Operation not allowed on non-leaf (66)
Additional info: subtree delete not supported

I'm using the -r flag so am not sure why this should still be
happening. Any idea what else might be causing this?

2) Perhaps due to # 1, the actual entry that I try to delete -
"dc=CustomerData,dc=MyCompany,dc=com" - never gets deleted. All other
entries below it get deleted though this one remains.

3) When I try to issue an "ldapdelete" command again on this remaining
entry, I again get the error in # 1 (with and without the -r flag).

Am I missing something?