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Re: Problem loading 100K entries into OpenLDAP2.2.24

I know,thank you
assignable memory is different from free memory,the cache is assignable but not free util it is needed for something more important
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Subject: Re: Problem loading 100K entries into OpenLDAP2.2.24

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> çåå wrote:
> > I think it is stange that memory is not released after loading,even after restart slapd!!
> Why? All available memory can be used for something useful (like caching
> data that has been read from a medium that is much slower than memory),
> until it is needed for something more important.
> > but in fact,The memory is not freed util you delete data file!!
> But, you aren't using any swap, so there's no reason to free the memory,
> until the cached data is invalid (which happens when you delete the file).
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