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Re: Problem loading 100K entries into OpenLDAP2.2.24

Howard Chu wrote:

I'm seeing something similar, although DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE is working for me. The 2.2.24 slapd starts at ~300MB and keeps growing. The 2.3/HEAD slapd doesn't do this. Probably should file an ITS with the particulars.

This appears to be a long-standing problem in 2.2 back-bdb; I tested back to 2.2.6 and observed the same behavior, so it's not due to any recent change. 2.3/HEAD process size levels off within a few seconds of the startup, then fluctuates a few megabytes up/down. 2.2 back-bdb grows several megabytes per second. Also this does not occur with back-ldbm.

It is not a usual memory leak either; upon shutdown I only see 20K of leaked memory, 17K of which is due to the OpenSSL library. As such, the memory is apparently going into one of back-bdb's caches and being freed on shutdown.

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