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Re: dap_add: Constraint violation (19)

Hi Jon!

Thanx for your email!, I did as you recommended i used slapadd
instead of ldapadd. But now i get another weird error message.

mail-foo:~/david# slapadd  -v -d2 -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf  -l
slapadd: dn="o=outpost24" (line=12): (64) value of naming attribute 'o'
is not present in entry

and my slapd.conf looks like this:

suffix "o=outpost24"
rootdn "cn=Manager, o=outpost24"

Best regards
David Jacoby

Jon Roberts wrote:

> David Jacoby wrote:
>> Ive created an backup file of my ldap database but when im trying to
>> re-add in to the
>> LDAP database im getting weird error messages.
>> ldap_add: Constraint violation (19)
>> additional info: structuralObjectClass: no user modification allowed
>> What does this errormessage mean?, What have i done wrong...
> The structuralObjectClass attribute is system controlled, so you
> cannot modify it with a client like ldap_add. Use slapadd to add such
> an LDIF, or clean the system attributes out of it. This was asked and
> answered on the list just two weeks ago:
> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200504/msg00191.html
> As an aside, searching the list archives would be much more useful if
> the results were sorted newest to oldest. My previously contributed .02.
> Jon Roberts
> www.mentata.com

David Jacoby
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Outpost24 Security

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