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RE: filter problem

owner-openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org wrote:

> The attribute 'uid' is not part of your objectclass chain,
> but I can't remember wether 'uid' where part of core.schema
> or of cosine.schema in those vintage days. Depending on the
> schema files you included, or not included, there might have
> been be no attributetype description available.

it's in core.schema

We had a step further. We did a export of that user, and then deleted it and
manually addet it from within JXplorer. After that we did a export again.
The search now worked, and the only noticable difference in the .ldif is the
order of the ObjectClasses. How could that be? Because now we have the next
problem, a user defined attribute that can't be searched successfully.
Again, in the sun it works out of the box.

> You really should update to a more recent OpenLDAP version,
> but be warned that you may run into trouble with your object class
> xxxIntranetPerson. 

uhm, why Problems?