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Object class violation when adding mail attribute

Hello all,
I am trying to add the mail attribute to all of my users so that I can use LDAP with postfix. I already have my users in the database (I added them using the padl script that generates an ldif from the /etc/passwd file). I am getting a "attribute 'mail' not allowed" error and I don't know why. Here are my details:

Inside of my slapd.conf file I have included the following: core.schema, cosine.schema, inetorgperson.schema, nis.schema. I thought that with the inetorgperson, mail was a valid attribute?

- I run the following command and get the following output:
# ldapmodify -v  -D "cn=admin,dc=xxxxxxxxxxx,dc=com" -xw xxxx -vf fixmail.ldif
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
add mail:
modifying entry "uid=kris,ou=people,dc=xxxxxxxxxxx,dc=com"
ldapmodify: update failed: uid=kris,ou=people,dc=xxxxxxxxxxx,dc=com
ldap_modify: Object class violation (65)
        additional info: attribute 'mail' not allowed

The contents of my ldif file that I am trying to use and the ldapsearch output for the 'kris' user can be seen at http://spirit.linuxcertified.com/HELP.txt

Thanks in advance for any help and apologize if this is a duplicate as I am having issues getting my messages through to the board.