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Re: How to distinguish LDAP requests?

Mimmo Di Ianni wrote:

I must implement a daemon which intercepts ldap requests and forwards them to an effective LDAP Server (in the case of a read operation) or to other backend (in the case of a write operation). Once the daemon accepts a socket connection how can I distinguish what type of operation my client requests? Is it possible without interact with server LDAP?
Every answer will be a lot appreciate!

A clean way to do that is to use OpenLDAP's slapd with a back-null database and write an overlay that wraps an instance of back-ldap and redirects the requests to two different URIs based on the type of the operation, which is stored in the op_tag field of the Operation structure. Basically like what the "chain" overlay does (see back-ldap/chain.c) when extracting the URI from a referral, but much simpler.


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