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Re: LDAP-Client and certificates

Dieter Kluenter wrote:

"Nicolas Drosson" <nicolas.drosson@students.jku.at> writes:


Ich have a problem with the configuration of my openLDAP client. I got a
.der certificate from the admin of the LDAP server I want to connect to. I
need to connect over SSL because of security. I think it is normal. I need
to know how I should configure my LDAP client to work with this certificate.
I read in the documentation about ldap.conf that the command TLS_CACERT only
with .PEM certificates works. Is there any way to use the .DER certificate?

No, not I know of.


Use the openssl x509 utility to read the .DER file and save it in PEM format. See the OpenSSL documentation for details.

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