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Re: Monitor backend on slave server

Beast wrote:

Is it possible to add Monitor backend to slave OL server?

I have add monitor backend and (hopefully) give sufficient access fro replica account, but it always giving error:

Apr 6 16:30:20 credo slapd[23459]: conn=17 op=1 RESULT tag=103 err=19 text=entryCSN: no user modification allowed

I already tried remove acl or just add:

database    monitor
access to * by * write

but still giving same error, any hints?

PS: openldap 2.1.22 using slurpd

I think using an obsolete version might be your problem. Back-monitor is supposed to work in a replica; I don't see why (and who) is tryig to modify the entryCSN and where. You may try swapping the "database monitor" and the other database directive(s) in your slapd.conf. In any case, I don't think 2.1 allows any user modification in back-monitor. The only modifications allowed are to loglevel and readOnly attributes and AFAIR the former was introduced in 2.2, and the latter in 2.3. In any case, upgrading to a more recent (and safer, and more performing) version, like 2.2.24, is likely to fix your problem.


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